Whether you’re looking for a large scale WordPress website for your business, or a small simple site for yourself/startup – I can help out! I’ve got a vast knowledge of HTML and CSS, as well as PHP (the ‘language’ of the internet), WordPress and more online tools!

I’m often actively managing and developing 4 – 5 websites at a time, with clients ranging from non-profits, established businesses, and startup companies. I want to make sure that you get the best possible website, and I’ll work closely with you and your team, ensuring that your business’ message is portrayed accurately and clearly. I may be new to the game, however in the past year alone I’ve had plenty of experience, worked with lots of interesting people and made some pretty cool sites.

A few things I’ve got to offer:

There’s a lot more, but I want to be short and sweet:

  • Custom design, no templates – on all sites
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly layouts
  • SEO advice and optimisation
  • WordPress (for clients who want to edit their website)
  • eCommerce setup