With a monthly plan, you could save on

Website Updates

Email Marketing Campaigns

Print & Advertising Collateral

& more

It’s undeniable that a key element to success in our digital era is ensuring that your brand portrays a consistent, clear and professional image. Now more than ever, consumers are playing close attention to the personalities of brands, and are making purchasing decisions based on what your social media accounts and website look like.

But let’s face it, designing professional marketing material takes quite a lot of time, and majority of small businesses and non-profits simply don’t have the resources to dedicate to graphic and web design tasks.

Here’s where the Jason Hill Digital subscription packages come in handy. With a variety of different pricing tiers to choose from, you can subscribe to a package that suits your needs. If you’re just starting off, you might want to go for the Starter plan, which will give you enough design hours to set up collateral such as email signatures, Facebook cover photos, and make some minor changes to your website. If you’re looking for more complex design tasks such as flyer/brochure creation, website page layout/design adjustments or email marketing campaign setups, you may opt for the Standard or Value plans. Larger businesses who need frequent website updates, send out lots of email campaigns, or need more complex assistance can subscribe to the Power plan, or request a customised quote.

Cost saving for small businesses with quick tasks
Need an email signature created? How about some wording changes to your homepage? Small tasks don't have to cost much.
Up to 3hrs of design work
Max. 1 major revision per item
5 business day turnaround
For those wanting to give their brand a little boost
Want to add some cool graphics to your website? To impress your customers with an event flyer? An extra hour can go a long way.
Up to 4hrs of design work
Max. 1 major revision per item
5 business day turnaround
A dedicated designer without the hefty costs
Save your business time and money with the Power plan - it's essentially a dedicated graphic designer at a fraction of the cost
Up to 9hrs of design work
Max. 2 major revisions per item
3 business day turnaround