Who I am and what I do

Marketing + Design Co-ordinator by day, small business owner (and foodie) by night.

I recently completed my Bachelor of Creative Media (Design) at James Cook University in Townsville.

I now work full time as a Marketing + Design Co-ordinator at a cloud software company. Working in a dynamic team of software engineers and client support officers, my responsibilities include maintaining the public facing website, designing the UI of our cloud software platform, coordinating and organising social media content, developing advertising material and managing online marketing campaigns.

In my spare time, I run this little business, completing web design projects for clients based all around Australia (and a few outside of Australia too).

I also love volunteering, and I belong to a few youth group programs in Brisbane which tackle issues in the community.

Where my passion all began

I have had a keen interest in design for as long as I can remember. Different forms of logos, signs, banners, business cards and brochures often grab my attention. My first experience with digital design was using PowerPoint 2000 on an old Windows XP laptop containing a measly 50GB hard drive when I was about ten. Manipulating backgrounds, inserting clipart and adding simple animations sparked my passion. Through school projects and extra-curricular programs I had been able to build my skills as a budding designer. After years of hands on design work, I decided tp follow my passion and gain my qualification in the field of design and web development .