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More Than Just Website Design

Technical Support

Not only can I help design your website, but I can also assist with the technicalities. This includes registering a domain, alerting DNS records, fixing email issues, and more!

Social Media Strategies

Not sure where to start with your social media accounts? I can work with you to develop a social media plan that works, and suits your business type.

SEO & Digital Marketing

Looking at expanding into paid CPC marketing (such as Google AdWords)? Or want to grow your organic reach through Search Engine Optimisation?

Photography & Videography

Whilst it's not my main profession, I'm also a little handy with a camera. If you need corporate photos for your website/advertising material - get in touch.

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I Value Honesty, Integrity & Quality

Too many website designers over promise and under deliver, I aim to be transparent from the beginning and work with your needs. I can't claim to know everything but I'm willing to learn - and if I don't think I'm capable of doing something, I'll let you know! I've fixed up plenty of botched WordPress websites created by people who claim to be "web designers" - it's my goal to create something for you that is robust enough to stand the test of time, but also flexible for easy updates.

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